Ready mixed concrete is mixed offsite to a client’s exact specifications, and is then delivered to the site where it is needed. The primary advantages of using ready mix concrete include: a high quality product, lower costs, an eco-friendly process, and saving time for your business.

In this article, we’ll explore these benefits in a little more detail.

High Quality Product

The construction industry is built on using the most robust, high quality materials. When it comes to concrete, it is important to balance the water-cement ratio perfectly, and also to make sure the aggregates used are properly graded. These factors are easier to maintain and measure with ready mix concrete, thanks to a more specialist system that can be easily controlled, and this in turn produces a more premium product.

Lowers Costs

It’s the aim of any project to save the pennies, and that’s where ready mix can help. Instead of individually purchasing each raw material separately, going down the route of ready mix means that the precise mixing of your concrete is left in the hands of professionals to ensure you get the desired balance. As well as reducing initial costs, this technique also avoids the costs of paying for onsite storage of raw materials. And as a final plus point, the hardness of concrete increases overtime, making it a sturdy, durable and long-lived option that requires reduced maintenance costs.

Saves Time

Time is of the essence in the construction world. Choosing a ready mixed option can avoid delays caused by erecting and dismantling any onsite mixing equipment, and instead lets you get straight on with the job. Deliveries of ready mix concrete also tend to be timely and efficient, regardless of the order size – this is certainly true of the expert service here at EasyMix Concrete.

Eco-Friendly Process

Any type of concrete is an eco-friendly option, thanks to the readily-available nature of the key components: water, aggregates, and cement. In addition, their extrication is not as damaging to the environment as other kinds of building materials and the leftovers can be recycled or reused with ease. Focusing specifically on ready mix concrete, the precise manner in which it is produced results in less concrete wastage, therefore leading to less pollution production and a higher standards of energy conservation.

As reliable and specialist suppliers of ready mix concrete, the team at EasyMix Concrete can produce and deliver concrete compositions to any specification – just name it, and we can do it! We also pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time, and same or next day delivery. To find out more, simply get in touch with our friendly advisors – we cater across Bedfordshire, HertfordshireNorthamptonshire & beyond.