Concrete pumps and concrete mixers are convenient, efficient ways of transporting concrete to your site and getting it to where it needs to be. They often go hand in hand, especially when concrete needs to reach awkward, tight spaces. In this article, we’ll be explaining exactly what concrete pumps and concrete mixers are, together with their advantages, and what they’re generally used for.

Concrete Pumps Explained

Concrete Pump

Concrete pumps have been specifically designed to lay an indeterminate amount of concrete in a certain location as quickly as possible. The concrete will travel down the pipes from the concrete mixer truck in order for it to be pumped where needed. A concrete pump would be a convenient option, especially if you cannot get a wheelbarrow to the site where the concrete is needed.

What are concrete pumps used for?

Concrete pumps are generally used to make concrete application easier for locations that are hard to get to.  On a concrete boom pump, the hydraulic arm makes it easier than ever to get concrete where it needs to be – it can even get over certain obstacles should you encounter any. 

What are the advantages of concrete pumps?

There are many advantages to concrete pumps, including:

  • The concrete itself is quick and simple to deliver and apply by one of our highly-trained professionals
  • If required, it can reach up to 100m
  • It can efficiently fit through tight spaces
  • Can apply concrete to locations that are on higher levels
  • Precise measurements can be taken, so you’re never left with too much concrete, or supplied with too little – here at Easy Mix, you’ll only pay for what you use

Concrete Mixers Explained

All ingredients needed to produce concrete will be combined together at once using a concrete mixer. These ingredients include specific amounts of cement, water and aggregates in order to mix the perfect batch of concrete. There are two different types of concrete mixer, including:

  • Barrel mixers
  • Volumetric mixers

Depending on both the type of concrete you need and the project you’re carrying out, your concrete can either be pre-mixed at a dedicated batching plant or mixed together on site. A concrete mixer is crucial to the quality production of concrete, and here at EasyMix Concrete Ltd, we’re able to supply you with both volumetric and ready mix concrete to help your project get underway as quickly as possible.

What are concrete mixers used for?

They can be used for a variety of different applications, from shed foundations to driveways – volumetric and ready mix concrete are highly versatile, robust materials that can ensure the strength and longevity of your structure. When mixed appropriately by the experts, you can rest assured that the concrete we supply will retain its durability for many years to come.

What are the advantages of concrete mixers?

There are many advantages to concrete mixers, including:

  • You will only use what you pour meaning nothing is wasted
  • Ideal for quick and easy transportation
  • Concrete will be ready to use after it has been properly mixed
  • Minimises the risk of shortages
  • Available in different sizes to cater for different projects

Why do some concrete pumps need to be supplied along with a concrete mixer?

A concrete pump cannot dispense concrete without the use of a concrete mixer. A concrete mixer will combine all ingredients needed to produce quality concrete, ensuring it’s in the best possible condition to be smoothly pumped directly to where it is needed. Where a concrete mixer is able to produce concrete without a concrete pump, a concrete pump cannot fulfil its function without the use of a  concrete mixer.

EasyMix Concrete Ltd is dedicated to supplying our customers with high-quality concrete that has been mixed to the highest possible standards. No matter how big or small your project is, we will have you covered. You can rest assured that you’ll only pay for what you use, so you’ll never be forced to take leftover concrete or face a shortage halfway through your project. As well as domestic concrete, we can also supply commercial concrete and floor screed to help cater for all projects on a variety of scales. 

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