volumetric concrete vs barrel mixed

We offer two methods of concrete delivery: batches ready mixed at our plant and delivered ready to use (also known as ‘barrel mixed’), and onsite concrete mixing using our fleet of modern volumetric trucks that can produce mixes to exact and changing specifications on-the-fly.

Both systems have their advantages. For example, barrel mixed is ideal for smaller domestic projects, such as laying a patio or driveway, where space is limited for the use of onsite mixing trucks and budget must be a consideration.

Volumetric concrete mixing has changed the way the industry works, offering a number of advantages over barrel mixed and drum mixed options, providing economic and practical benefits to both commercial and domestic customers.


  • Concrete can be mixed on-site, with no risk of over ordering
  • The individual ingredients that make up the concrete mix are stored in separate compartments, allowing the mix to be tailored to on-site requirements or altered due to changing weather conditions
  • Only what’s needed is mixed, meaning no waste of materials
  • Volumetric mixers can store up to 10m3 – almost double the amount of traditional drum mixers
  • No money is wasted, only the amount required is paid for
  • Drum mixed concrete has a limited time frame for use between mixing at the plant and arriving at your site – volumetric mixing eradicates this problem

EasyMix Concrete Ltd operate a modern fleet of volumetric mixing trucks, meaning we can deliver concrete on-tap anytime, anyplace and of any mix combination, with a prompt and reliable service that’s always on time.

So never over order again – call EasyMix Concrete Ltd today for more information – 0800 859 5954.