Brush finish concrete is a term you may have heard in relation to concrete flooring, but while it might sound like a simple concept, some people are not aware of what is involved or how this look is achieved. 

To help you better understand what a brush finish is, how you achieve it for your concrete and where it’s applied most commonly, this month at EasyMix Concrete we’ll explain the basics. This is to help ensure that you’re armed with the right knowledge when choosing between finish types for your concrete floor.


What is a brush finish?

You’ll no doubt have come across a brushed finish floor at some point in life without realising it. It’s essentially concrete flooring that has been levelled off once laid and then brushed over. What you’re left with is a surface with more texture than usual.

Different brushes and techniques mean that there is no one, particular look for this flooring type as opposed to mass-produced slabs. You might use a soft-bristled brush for a light finish to the concrete, whereas a harder, firmer brush – a wire brush, perhaps – will leave a deeper texture with a more striking finish.


How do I achieve a brush finish?

Getting an even, professional brush finish involves a number of steps, but first, you need to lay concrete for the flooring. Once laid, you’ll then want to smooth the surface using either power floating or skip floating. 

The trickiest part comes next; judging when to brush the surface of the concrete. If you brush it too early, you may get water bleeding to the surface which can affect the integrity of the concrete and even wreak havoc with aggregates in the mix. You need to brush the surface at just the right time before it properly sets.

Once the concrete is ready to brush, it’s not just a case of going at it with the brush randomly. Firstly, think about the texture you want and choose a brush according to this desired finish. Next, pull the brush across the level concrete in the same direction each time, moving along until the whole surface is brushed evenly. Take your time with this since the more attention you pay to uniformity in brushing, the better the finish will be.

Brushing large areas of newly laid concrete can take time and it’s often a difficult task to get a consistent look. We recommend using professionals with experience if you want the best possible finish for your concrete flooring.


Where is brush finished concrete used?

Brush finish concrete is popular on walkways and in agricultural settings, mainly due to how much extra grip you get from the textured surface. It’s also used in industrial settings and even at airports to help prevent surfaces from becoming slick and slippery. 

Another reason you find brushed concrete in a lot of outdoor settings is the durability it gives you, standing up to the test of heavy footfall or lots of vehicle traffic. Because it’s so durable, you’ll need very little maintenance for brush finish concrete when it is laid and finished properly.


At EasyMix Concrete, we provide commercial concrete across a variety of sectors for use as flooring. If you’re looking to create a brush finish concrete floor, simply enter your dimensions into our calculator for an approximate guide to the amount of concrete you need to order. You can then call our team to place your order for same-day delivery, ensuring you can get to work creating brush finished concrete flooring for your site.