We all know how great pets are – we’re a nation of pet lovers, after all. But when it comes to the practical considerations of keeping a pet, one thing you’ll need to put extra thought into is the flooring material for the space you’re going to keep them in.

Whether you have multiple dogs, rabbits or even guinea pigs, concrete is a pet-friendly material that you can use either inside or outside your home. From capitalising on the industrial interior trend to simply providing a nice space in the back garden for your pet during the day, there are numerous reasons why concrete should be your number one choice.

dog sleeping on concrete floor

Here are just a few of our favourite reasons:


Easy-to-clean pet flooring

One aspect of keeping a pet is the cleaning involved. No matter what size your pet is, there is likely to be urine and other stains or odours that come with them. If you opt for a sealed concrete floor, there are no pores for urine to seep into. This means that when it comes to cleaning, not only is it easy to sweep and mop the area, but you also get a freshness that other materials can’t offer.

Looking after your pet becomes a lot easier if you can keep them clean, healthy and happy, so concrete flooring – indoors or outdoors – can only help. Check out our guide for cleaning polished concrete floors.


No dander or fur left behind

Following on from the previous point, but taking into consideration the fact that some people may be allergic to pet dander and fur, concrete allows for shedding to be quickly removed during any cleaning. A smooth concrete floor can be swept, ensuring aggravating fur, as well as any pests in your pet’s fur, can be easily dealt with.


Scratch-resistant pet flooring

If you’ve ever owned a puppy, then you’ll know that they can be rowdy and hyperactive. Full of energy, adult dogs can sometimes be even more destructive, and while their playful behaviour is cute, it’s never good for your flooring. The claws on any pet will eventually scratch and rip materials like wood or carpet, but with a well-protected concrete floor, you can almost entirely eliminate the possibility that they’ll destroy your flooring.

On top of that, any dogs that love to dig – again, indoors or outdoors! – will be scuppered by heavy-duty concrete flooring. This is another handy bonus if you want to avoid the more chaotic results of your pet’s antics.


Keep your best friend warm

The thought of your best friend sleeping on concrete is probably not a nice one, making you almost instantly dismiss the idea. But since a concrete screed can be used with underfloor heating, it could actually turn out to be a great option. Not only will you get the hard-wearing aspects we’ve already listed, but you can provide comfort and warmth if you use concrete and underfloor heating in the room your pet spends the most time in.


Fantastic value pet flooring

Compared to other flooring types for your pet, concrete is a really cost-effective way of getting all the above benefits. Cheaper than hardwood flooring and easier to have laid, concrete flooring is the ideal pet-friendly flooring for any home. With all the associated costs that come with owning a pet, it has to be a weight off your mind to know there is an affordable flooring option like concrete.

If you need concrete flooring for any purpose at home or for commercial buildings, look no further than EasyMix Concrete. We provide a professional service across Hertfordshire, Greater London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northants, so whether you’re preparing at home for a new puppy or you’re developing a large animal enclosure, call today and we’ll be happy to provide our expert assistance.