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A fast drying, cement based, free flowing floor screed with an excellent surface finish.

Dry sand and cement screed being lay | EasyMix Concrete


Developed using specialist admixtures utilising many years of experience in ready-mix concrete technology.

Foundations set before an EasyPile concrete pour | EasyMix Concrete


Concrete that does the majority of the work for you, saving money on manpower, machinery and time.

Ready mixed concrete poured into a wheelbarrow | EasyMix Concrete


A waterproof concrete which offers a cost effective alternative to traditional construction methods.

Waterproof concrete | EasyMix Concrete

Rapidset concrete

A rapid-set concrete designed to make concrete achieve strength within a required time frame

Rapid set concrete in a bucket | EasyMix Concrete


A C40 concrete specifically designed to withstand chemicals which might appear in animal urine

Concrete for farms | EasyMix Concrete

EasyMix Concrete Branded Products

Here at EasyMix Concrete, we supply a range of brand concrete products to help meet the needs of any project. Our concrete products have been designed specifically to meet specific requirements to match any site, design plans or restrictions you may have.

Take a look at the EasyMix Concrete range of products below:


A quick-drying, free-flowing, cement-based floor screed.

The key benefits of EASYFLO® include:

  • EASYFLO® can be walked on after 24-48 hours, with a drying time of 21-28 days.
  • It provides a fantastic finish for your surface.
  • Because it’s a free-flowing screed, it’s ideal for use with underfloor heating.
  • It’s simple to pour into place with a wide variety of major installations.
  • It provides a reduced thickness.
  • You can still use cement-based adhesives and other floor-levelling compounds.


A concrete mix specifically for piling, generally a C35 in strength with 10-20mm aggregates.

EASYPILE® has been designed with specialist admixtures for the concrete piling and ready-mix concrete industry, drawing on many years of experience.

Using GGBS in the mix helps to lower the carbon dioxide emissions of EASYPILE®, with the added bonus of improved resistance to chemicals and sulphates, providing increased durability.

EASYPILE® can be instrumental in overcoming some of the challenges we face today in modern engineering when related to piling and foundation works.


A C40 concrete specifically designed to withstand chemicals which might appear in agricultural environments.

  • FARMPAVE® is ideal for your external paving, silage clamps, animal housing, stables, crop storage buildings, milking parlours and workshop floors.
  • Compared to standard concrete, FARMPAVE® offers improved durability for your farming infrastructure.
  • FARMPAVE® has been developed to meet the stringent demands of agricultural settings.


This is an easy and affordable alternative for when you need a waterproof concrete material for construction.

Concrete is usually porous, leaving it vulnerable to adverse weather, chemical attack, increased humidity and regular exposure to water. CONCRETEWATERTIGHT® on the other hand, has low porosity, achieved through the use of a specialist admixture.

This means you could save time on your project because, depending on your specifications, you may not need extra membranes or finishes.

CONCRETEWATERTIGHT® can also improve your structure’s resistance to chloride diffusion and lowers the risk of corrosion for your reinforcement, thereby increasing durability.


A self-compacting concrete, designed to be free-flowing in order to reduce the need for intensive raking and placing. With great stability and a fluid nature, this is the pinnacle for self-compacting and free-flowing concrete.

The key benefits of FLOSLAB® include:

  • You save on the cost of additional manpower and machinery, as well as saving time, because it does the majority of the work itself.
  • Because you can pour and spread FLOSLAB® quickly, you can create formworks with a fantastic, aesthetically-pleasing finish.
  • Because FLOSLAB® is self-compacting, you also reduce noise and vibration on site, improving conditions for everyone involved.

Wherever you are in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire or Buckinghamshire, you can take full advantage of the EasyMix Concrete range for your project. Place your order with us today for the swift delivery of the materials you need in any quantity.

Get in touch today to find out more about our specially-designed concrete products and how they can help you achieve the best results for any construction work.

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