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Frequently Asked Questions


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept both credit card and debit card payments.

What do you mean by ‘only pay for what you use’?

While we do provide a concrete calculator on our website to help you determine how much concrete you might need, it’s possible that you may go a little over or under. That’s why we only charge customers for the amount of concrete they actually use when using our volumetric concrete option – making the whole process more convenient and cost-effective.

Do you provide credit or trade accounts?

Yes, absolutely. We want to make our service as easy and convenient as possible – simply request a credit account application form with our team.

How much concrete do I need for my project?

The amount of concrete you’ll need for a project entirely depends on the area you need to cover with the concrete, the application and the shape. In other words, it’s individual to each project. To calculate how much concrete you need, use our online concrete calculator or get some advice from our friendly team.

What is volumetric concrete?

Volumetric concrete is measured by volume rather than weight. The concrete is mixed to your specified ratio whilst on site is mixed in a volumetric mixing truck. Therefore, if you require more or less than ordered, that’s no problem. This gives the benefit of a no-waste, efficient mix of the exact amount that you require, saving you both time and money. This means it’s a flexible way to order concrete that can change with the evolving needs of your project, with no waste or surplus charge being added on.

What is ready-mixed concrete?

With ready-mixed concrete, the concrete is pre-mixed to your exact specifications and amount. It’s important to order the exact amount of concrete you need with ready-mixed, as the order cannot be altered like it can with our volumetric service.

Which type of concrete do I need for my project?

Here at EasyMix Concrete, we supply and mix a wide spectrum of concrete types suited to many different domestic and commercial applications. Check out our guide to types of concrete and if you’re still unsure, simply get in touch with our experts for further advice.

What is your cancellation policy?

We pride ourselves on a flexible service for customers which caters to your schedule. Generally, cancellations made after 3pm on the working day before the delivery is due to be fulfilled could be subject to a cancellation charge, depending on the type of order – so please get in touch with us to discuss your specific case.


Which areas do EasyMix deliver to?
Are there any delivery charges?

No, we do not charge delivery fees and there are no hidden costs.

How do I prepare for a concrete delivery?

Ask our specialists for guidance on how to prepare for a concrete delivery, and we’ll be happy to offer advice. Generally, you’ll want to make sure that your pour-site is prepared and ready for the concrete to be applied, and ensure you have all the right tools and equipment ready. Also make sure your site is accessible for our vehicles – if you think the vehicle won’t be able to get close enough, you may need to hire a concrete pump.

How quickly will my order be delivered?

We offer same and next day delivery for all our customers, so you can benefit from prompt delivery to get your project started. We also give you a 2 hour delivery slot so you can plan your day effectively.

Will bad weather affect my delivery?

Some weather conditions such as rain or freezing temperatures will affect the concrete – so please ensure you protect and cure the concrete correctly.

Will you give me a delivery slot?

Although concrete is typically alright to walk on after 48 hours, it still does not fully cure until around the 28 day mark – this is time needed for the concrete to reach its optimum strength.

What does concrete slump mean?

Concrete slump is a test carried out to assess the consistency of the concrete mixture. It gives us a signal of whether it’s at the desired consistency or if more ingredients need to be added to stiffen it up or soften it up, depending on the outcome of the test.


What is screed?

Screed is a smooth, mortar-like substance which is typically used as a top layer or as a surface finish. It is created from mixing sand and cement, and lacks the bigger aggregates you may find in concrete.

What are the benefits of screed?

Screed is quick to lay, easy to dry and makes for a beautiful, smooth finish for floors. It can be applied over an under layer of concrete, benefitting from its strength while creating an attractive layer on top.

How long does screed take to cure?

The curing time will depend on the type and depth of the screed. Like concrete, screed will take around 28 days to cure to its full strength.

Concrete Pumps

How do concrete pumps work?

A concrete pump is used for situations where liquid concrete needs to be transported from one spot to another, usually on-site. This usually works by the movement of pistons and the use of pipes. There are multiple reasons why a pump is used, but usually it’s due to the concrete needing to be transported to an awkward or difficult-to-access location.

What is a concrete boom pump?

Boom pumps feature a robotic arm to place concrete in high-up, low down or hard-to-reach places. They pump the concrete from a hopper to the site at a fast rate.

How far can your concrete boom pumps reach?

Our boom pumps range between 16 metres and 37 metres, so consult with our team to see which one will suit your project.

What is a concrete line pump?

Using hoses and pipes, the concrete is transported from a hopper to the pouring site. Usually the pump is stationary and mounted upon a trailer – line pumps are ideal for horizontal pumping.

How far can your concrete line pumps reach?

Our line pumps can reach up to 100 metres, so enquire with our team to find out how a line pump might be able to help your project.


When might I need a concrete pump?

When you have a pour site that is hard to reach, whether because of restrictions over access and tight angles, or even where the pour site is inside or underground, a concrete pump is the perfect solution.


If you have a large quantity of concrete to pour, then a concrete pump can help to avoid using wheelbarrows, additional labour and extra time.

What type of concrete pump do I need?

We supply two types of concrete pumps for pouring concrete: line pumps and boom pumps.


Line pumps: Line pumps take the concrete from the delivery truck, via a series of pipes laid flat along the ground to where it is needed. They come with a certified pump operator.


Boom Pumps: Boom pumps have a hydraulic arm with the pipeline attached, to reach up and over objects such as walls, houses, obstacles etc to deliver the concrete to harder to reach areas. These come with a certified pump operator.

How far can you pump concrete?

The pumping distance capability of our line pumps is approximately 100m. Our boom pumps come in a variety of sizes, ranging between 20m to 52m in length – we also add 50m of additional pipework to permit further horizontal distances.

What are the advantages of booking EasyReach concrete pumps?

  • 1. You can get your concrete pumped to the exact location you need it by our operators
  • 2. Concrete pumps minimise how much additional labour you require, saving you a cost
  • 3. They pump a greater volume of concrete – one of our boom pumps can move 50m3 per hour
  • 4. They’re quick to put in place, taking us roughly one hour before we’re ready to start pumping

What information do I need to give when ordering a pump?

It’s handy for us to have the following information from you:


  • • The full name and phone number for whoever is making the booking
  • • The full address for your site (inc. postcode)
  • • Which pump you require and the distance it will need to cover
  • • Not sure what you need? Just tell us the following and we can advise you:
  • ◦ The measurement from where our truck can park to the point furthest away in the pour site
  • ◦ Any obstacles on your site that need to be navigated around/over
  • ◦ How many shifts in direction the line must take
  • • We can always visit your site to determine the above if you’re unsure
  • • How much concrete you need and what mix you require (inc. any special requirements/additions)
  • • Any further pipework or pipework bends you may need

What must I supply to ensure a safe and efficient pour?

To ensure a safe and efficient pour, we will require:


  • • A safe, flat surface, free from overhead obstacles, where our pump can be assembled
  • • A hard-standing platform to withstand the maximum outrigger loadings
  • • A covering – either polythene or simple tarp – to shield any completed surfaces
  • • Barriers within which the pumping operation can be contained
  • • A cement grouting agent for the pipeline (this can be supplied when requested at the point of booking)
  • • An effective team of concrete placers/linesmen who are aware of safety procedures
  • • A hose and effective water supply in order to allow for the cleaning of the pump
  • • Appropriate lighting levels throughout the duration of the pumping
  • • Appropriate means or facilities for removal of discharge bags at the end of the pumping

What else do I need to know/consider?

  • • Note that we need around one hour to set up the pump once we arrive.
  • • Anyone on your site must be trained in the health and safety risks that come with high-pressure concrete pumping.
  • • At the end of the pumping process, our mixer chutes will be emptied and washed before leaving, taking up to one hour. This cannot be performed by flushing mixture into the hopper as it can compromise the equipment and the concrete itself.


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