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When you need to transport and pour concrete on site but are faced with obstacles, both in terms of distance and height, the classic wheelbarrow isn’t going to be of much use.

That’s where concrete pumping comes in. Whether you’re a homeowner trying to pour concrete in your back garden and find navigating up and down steps tricky, or you’re in commercial construction and need to pour large quantities of concrete over a barrier and down into a trench, pumping offers all kinds of convenience.

You can choose from a boom pump, helping to reach over obstacles, or a line pump used to pipe concrete over distances or through narrow spaces. But why should you opt for concrete pumping?

This month at EasyMix Concrete, we’re going to give you the top five benefits of concrete pumping for your project.

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1. Less mess

While keeping your site tidy and clean during any construction project may not always be possible, concrete spillages are one thing you definitely can avoid. If you transport concrete in buckets or wheelbarrows, there is always the risk of an accident. This can be disastrous if you’re working on a brand new building under construction as it could cost you time to clear the mess up.

Concrete pumping, on the other hand, means you can avoid all of that risk and mess. There’s no back and forth either, you simply get the pump in position and get pouring, which means you don’t churn any muddy pathways underfoot when working outdoors.


2. Pay for what you use

You should only ever be paying for what you use when it comes to concrete, and that’s why pumping is great. As soon as you’ve filled the area you need to, you can stop pumping and you’ll know that you’re not paying for any excess material or for any spillages.


3. Fast concrete placement

Both domestic and commercial projects can be time sensitive. No one wants to waste time where it can be saved under any circumstances and this is especially true when you’re trying to build something. When you transport concrete by bucket or wheelbarrow, you are undoubtedly wasting time. It’s slow because half of the journey is always spent coming back with an empty vessel to refill. This isn’t the case with pumping, however, where you get fast concrete placement in one easy and efficient service. That means you can keep any other work relying on concrete on schedule.


4. Reduced labour cost

An added bonus of swift, tidy concrete pumping in the commercial sector is the reduction in labour costs, because you won’t need to use multiple workers to ferry concrete to the pour site. Instead, that valuable labour can be put into other areas of the project to move things along. Across multiple projects, you could save valuable hours and increase your profit margin.


5. Improved accuracy

In the construction of anything, from a garden wall to a high-rise building, nothing should be left to chance. You can ensure the consistency and accuracy of the work you do with concrete pumping, knowing you get the same mix of concrete in one batch as well as a better idea of how long it will take to complete the job.


Why waste time, energy and money when it comes to the pouring of concrete? Let a boom or line pump do all the hard work for you and get the peace of mind that comes with professional concrete pumping. Our sister company, EasyReach Concrete Pumping, is on hand for projects across Hertfordshire, Greater London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northants to help you with efficient, accurate concrete pouring.

Call today and speak to our team about your domestic or commercial concrete pump hire requirements and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Watch this short video to learn about our process and be fully prepared for your concrete delivery

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