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Can You Recycle Concrete?

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Can You Recycle Concrete?



  1. The concrete recycling process involves the demolition and collection, crushing, sorting, and screening of concrete for various uses.
  2. Concrete recycling can reduce environmental impact caused by creating building materials, as it reduces landfill waste and saves energy & resources.
  3. Recycling concrete helps promote sustainable construction as resources are minimising the impact on the environment.

Concrete is known for its strength and durability, but not necessarily for its eco credentials. However, perhaps this is unfair and not representative of concrete as it is today, as concrete can certainly be recycled. Today, concrete recycling is making significant strides in reducing the overall environmental impact, and this month, the EasyMix Concrete team is going to be taking a closer look!

The concrete recycling process

  1. Demolition and collection: The journey of concrete recycling typically begins with the demolition of structures. Instead of sending the resulting debris to landfill, the concrete is carefully separated from other materials like metal and wood.
  2. Crushing and sorting: Once separated, the concrete undergoes a crushing process. Specialised equipment breaks down the concrete into smaller, manageable pieces. This crushed material is then sorted based on size and quality, preparing it for the next recycling phase.
  3. Screening and removal of contaminants: Screening is a vital step that removes any impurities or contaminants. This ensures that the recycled concrete maintains its quality and meets industry standards, contaminants such as dirt or excess metal can compromise the strength of the recycled material.
  4. Grading and aggregating: Once screened, the recycled concrete is then aggregated into different sizes suitable for various applications. This recycled aggregate can be used as a replacement for normal aggregates in new concrete mixes and road bases.

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Reduction in environmental impact

By recycling concrete, we can make the construction industry much more sustainable, reducing its overall impact on the environment. Here are some of the key ways that concrete recycling helps the planet.

  1. Conservation of resources: Concrete recycling helps save resources. By reusing the demolished concrete, the demand for virgin aggregates is reduced. This conservation extends to natural resources, including the gravel, sand and limestone normally used in concrete production.
  2. Energy savings: Producing new concrete from raw materials requires a great deal of energy. In contrast, recycling concrete consumes much less energy. The crushing and processing of recycled concrete demands less energy compared to mining, transporting and processing virgin materials. This translates to a lower carbon footprint and a more sustainable construction industry.
  1. Waste reduction: One of the most apparent environmental benefits of concrete recycling is the reduction of waste in landfill. Construction and demolition waste, usually dominated by concrete debris, contribute significantly to landfill volumes. By diverting concrete from landfill, we not only extend the lifespan of these sites but also reduce the environmental impact associated with waste decomposition.
  2. Lower carbon emissions: Concrete recycling also plays a role in reducing carbon emissions associated with normal concrete production. This is because the extraction and processing of raw materials, transportation and manufacturing of concrete are energy-intensive processes, and using recycled concrete in new construction projects helps cut down on these emissions, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly construction industry.

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At EasyMix Concrete, we make sure that you only pay for what you use, and what you don’t we will make sure is properly recycled, reducing your environmental impact. We cover the areas of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire, so if you’re in one of those areas and want to take advantage of our services, give us a call.

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