Whether you’re planning a DIY project, or need concrete for your construction site, it can be tricky to work out exactly how much concrete you might need. 

In this article, we take you through how to calculate the amount of concrete you need depending on your type of project, and how an ‘only pay for what you need’ service can bypass these worries in the first place. 

How much concrete do I need

Why is it important to calculate how much concrete you’ll need? 

Planning a project requires good organisation, whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial company. All of your tools, equipment and time schedules need to be meticulously planned – and pinpointing exactly how much concrete you might need is part of that. 

While it can be difficult to establish the exact amount of concrete required, having a rough idea can relieve stress and avoid delays. For example, if you under-order, getting less concrete than you need, this can throw off project timing, and in commercial settings, result in loss of money. On the opposite end, some concrete suppliers will charge you for any over-ordered excess to be disposed of, incurring more expenses. Luckily, over-ordering is less of a problem with companies who offer volumetric concrete such as EasyMix Concrete, who will only charge you for what you use. However, it’s still important to have an estimate of the correct amount to avoid the inconvenience of massively over-ordering. 

How can I calculate how much concrete I need? 

Nobody expects you to be a maths whiz to calculate concrete. Equations do exist to get a reasonably accurate number – all you need to do is input the desired dimensions of your slab, column, stairs or fence post and our online concrete calculator will do the rest. With EasyMix Concrete’s volumetric concrete, we only charge for what you use anyway, giving you some peace of mind. 

How can I avoid producing excess concrete? 

Even after using a concrete calculator to estimate how much you need, if you really want to avoid producing excess concrete, then it’s worth opting for volumetric concrete rather than ready-mixed. 

The benefits of volumetric concrete include: 

  • You only pay for what you use 
  • The concrete is mixed on-site, allowing you more control over consistency and amount produced 
  • An experienced technician is also included as part of the service, armed with the equipment and knowledge to mix your concrete to your specifications 
  • Allows flexibility for last-minute changes to your order 

Volumetric concrete from companies like EasyMix is, therefore, a flexible, cost-effective choice for your project which can avoid delays and extra expense. 

Does project type affect how much concrete I need? 

The question of ‘how much concrete do I need’ is likely to depend on the type and scale of the project. For example, commercial or construction endeavours are likely to require a much larger supply of concrete, while a domestic back garden project will require much less. Likewise, estimating the amount of concrete needed for different shapes will require different equations. Our online concrete calculator can calculate amounts for circular shapes for columns or fence posts, as well as square/rectangular shapes for driveways, shed bases and other purposes. 

Seeking rapid and reliable delivery of high-quality concrete? Here at EasyMix Concrete, we’re a leading concrete provider for Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and beyond – and we only charge you for the concrete you use, so you can plan costs effectively. So, whether you need concrete for driveways, shed bases or a large-scale commercial project, get in touch with our team today.