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Mini Masterclass: How to Paint, Polish and Clean Concrete

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Mini Masterclass: How to Paint, Polish and Clean Concrete



  1. To successfully paint concrete, you’ll need to thoroughly clean the surface, fill any cracks or holes, and choose the correct paints.
  2. Polishing the concrete requires a clean surface. Make sure any existing coatings or sealants have been removed.
  3. Regular cleaning is essential for concrete as it improves appearance and longevity.

Concrete surfaces, though robust and durable, often require attention to maintain their aesthetic appeal. This guide takes you through the essential steps of painting, polishing and cleaning concrete, offering insights into each aspect to ensure a pristine finish.

Painting Concrete

The key to a successful paint job on concrete lies in meticulous preparation. 

Kick off the process by thoroughly cleaning the surface, eliminating any dirt or debris that might stop paint adhesion. Then you want to address any cracks or holes with a suitable patching product, ensuring a smooth and even surface. If you want to create an even more solid base for the paint, you could think about applying a high-quality concrete primer. 

Once you have your concrete canvas ready, you need to carefully choose a concrete paint that fits with your desired finish and the specific requirements of the area. Application, whether by brush or roller, should be as even as possible, and you want to go with the drying times and recommended number of coats as per the manufacturer’s instructions. 

If you want to enhance durability and protect the painted surface further, consider applying a concrete sealer once the paint is dry.

close up of a man brushing a wet concrete driveway | EasyMix Concrete Ltd.

Polishing Concrete

Transforming dull concrete surfaces into glossy, elegant floors involves a methodical approach and a fair degree of patience.

You want to start by cleaning the surface thoroughly, removing any existing coatings or sealants with a suitable cleaner and floor buffer. This is because polishing concrete is all about creating the smoothest possible surface.

Once you have stripped the concrete of any previous coatings, you need to level and smooth the surface using a concrete grinder, progressing from coarse to fine for the desired finish. Take your time with this step as it’s arguably the most important of the lot.

After the concrete has been ground and you have achieved the desired level of smoothness, apply a concrete densifier to enhance surface hardness and use resin-bonded diamond polishing pads to gradually refine the surface to the desired level of shine. 

Finally, with the glossy finish achieved, you can thoroughly clean the surface post-polishing to remove dust and debris, and apply a concrete sealer to protect the polished finish.

Cleaning Concrete

Regular cleaning is essential for preserving the appearance and longevity of concrete surfaces, so don’t skimp on your regular concrete maintenance work.

Start by removing loose dirt and debris through sweeping or vacuuming. This also helps to prevent scratches during the cleaning process, so it’s a very important step!

For larger outdoor areas, you can use a pressure washer to lift most dirt and debris, and you can apply suitable detergent to deal with stains and grime. 

For the most stubborn of stains, create a solution of water and a specialised concrete cleaner and scrub with a stiff brush before rinsing thoroughly. 

And if you need to tackle mould and mildew, try creating a solution of water and bleach, scrubbing affected areas and rinsing well to prevent any sort of discolouration. 

The most important aspect of concrete cleaning is implementing a routine cleaning schedule. This ensures ongoing maintenance is carried out consistently and prevents stubborn dirt build-up on concrete surfaces, which can be very hard to remove!

Tips for pouring concrete in hot weather | EasyMix Concrete

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