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Is Concrete Pumping Better Than Pouring?

Getting your concrete into place, no matter how much of it you have, is always crucial to any construction project. Whether it’s large foundations you’re pouring or a shallow base, not only do you want as much time as possible to work with the concrete, but you also want to make the process as simple as possible.

That’s why, for some people, the question of whether concrete pumping is better than pouring by wheelbarrow comes up. It’s a valid question and one that we’re going to break down for you this month at EasyMix Concrete.


What is the difference between pumping and pouring concrete?

Pumping concrete is the process of sending large quantities of the mixture through connected pipelines directly from a concrete mixing truck to the exact pouring site. This is a quick and efficient way to deliver concrete on any site, especially those with tricky obstacles to overcome.

On the other hand, pouring concrete using a wheelbarrow means making multiple trips – possibly a task shared by multiple people – to slowly transport the mix to where it needs to be poured. 

The critical difference between pumping and pouring concrete is the speed at which the work gets done. That means there are a number of benefits to concrete pumping, so let’s explore those next.

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Which is better, pumping concrete or pouring?

As you probably already guessed, concrete pumping is much better than moving it by hand. The benefits of this are broken into four essential categories, all of which should be of interest whether you’re tackling DIY at home or operating in commercial construction.

  • Labour costs – If you plan to move concrete by hand, you’ll likely need more labour to get the job done on time. This adds another cost to your project, one which grows the more concrete you need.

  • Timings – Keeping your project on schedule is tricky at the best of times, and the last thing you need is a delay in getting the concrete to where it should be in order to carry on. Concrete pumping speeds things up and also allows you more time to work the mixture once it’s in position before it begins to cure.

  • Wastage – Pumping concrete directly means you don’t waste a drop, whereas using wheelbarrows can result in some spillages along the way. You can also pump the exact amount you need, rather than filling a final wheelbarrow and only use half of the concrete.

  • Access – When you’ve got to transport concrete on your site, it’s easier to use pipes to pump it through than trying to navigate wheelbarrows through narrow spaces, over tall obstacles and into tight spaces. It’s always worth factoring access into your concrete pouring process.

Of course, if you have a very small void you’re looking to fill at the front of your property where a lorry can easily pull up, then pumping is unnecessary. But if any of the four points above are important to you – or any combination of them – then you’re bound to find concrete pumping super effective.

So, what type of concrete pump do you need? There are two pump types we provide, so let’s take a look at these next.


The different concrete pump types 

Here at EasyMix Concrete, as experts in concrete delivery for Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and beyond, we can bring you two options for concrete pumping: boom pumps and concrete ground line pumps.

Boom pumps allow you to get your concrete mix over tall obstacles or reach down into deep areas of a development, while ground line pumps feed concrete through pipes laid on the ground across your site. These hydraulic pumps make light work of any concrete pouring requirements and can be arranged through us with our sister company, EasyReach Concrete Pumping.


Order your volumetric concrete mix or ready mix concrete today and ask about concrete pumping to help you save time and money for your project. Our expert team is always on hand to answer your queries and provide the best service — simply call and speak to us.

Watch this short video to learn about our process and be fully prepared for your concrete delivery

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