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When you’re taking on a project of any kind, it’s always tempting to try and do as much of the work as possible yourself. This is because we think of the DIY option as the cheaper option, and sometimes that’s true, but when it comes to concrete, there are more things to think about than just cost.

This month at EasyMix Concrete, we’re going to be comparing mixing concrete yourself against using ready mixed concrete. Here are five ways you benefit when you opt for ready mixed concrete for your next project:

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If there is one thing you don’t have enough of, it’s time. Keeping a project on schedule is important, but always tricky given the different elements that have to line up. That means you can’t afford to waste time, and any time you can save can be spent on other areas of the work.

Ready mixed concrete means you don’t have to worry about spending time mixing it yourself; it arrives ready to pour into place straight away. You can also reduce your labour costs if you don’t constantly need someone mixing your concrete.



Concrete is a robust and strong material when you get it right, but it requires a level of consistency that is harder to achieve when mixing it yourself.

Firstly, you’re you limited by quantity in each batch you make. This means you’ll have one layer already setting as you apply the next, wetter batch, which undermines the overall strength. Secondly, you also have to concentrate on mixing the exact same ratio of cement, aggregate and water for each batch. This makes it difficult to keep a consistent mix in a number of ways, but ready mix concrete takes that burden off your hands in both cases, providing one pour and a mixture you know has the same ratio of raw materials throughout.



When you’re mixing concrete by hand, you probably feel like you have total control of the issue of waste. After all, you’ve made the measurements and produced what you think will be enough. But what if you’ve overestimated even just a little bit? It’s easily done, and suddenly you’ve paid more than necessary. With ready mix concrete, on the other hand, you get the reassurance of only paying for what you use, so you’re not left with any excess material to pay for. You simply pour the mix and we’ll take away the rest, which also saves you the tricky job of disposing of any concrete you no longer require.

This is something we offer at EasyMix Concrete to make your life easier and to ensure you can keep costs down by only charging you for the concrete you’ve poured, as opposed to having lots left over that you still have to pay for.



Of course, when you mix your concrete by hand, you can do it as close to the pour site as you need. However, access needn’t be the reason you miss out on all the other benefits of ready mix concrete. With concrete pumps available, even if you can’t simply transport your concrete via wheelbarrow, you can have it poured directly anywhere on your site. This is perfect if you’ve got a tricky route to navigate or limited room for mixing near the pour site.



Your concrete delivery shouldn’t cost the earth. While mixing by hand might feel like a saving is being made, you’re still paying for the raw materials – something we’ve already mentioned that can be tricky to judge – along with tools that you either have to buy or rent. In the end it all adds up, and it goes without saying that the costs can rise with the size of the project. Keep your costs down by reducing labour requirements, equipment costs and by only paying for the concrete you use — the solution is simple: ready mix concrete.


At EasyMix Concrete, we not only offer our time-saving ready mixed concrete for projects across Hertfordshire, Greater London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire, but we also have a handy concrete calculator. This means you can get a more accurate idea of what you need to order, saving on waste and cost.

Call today to place your ready mix concrete order and get a 2-hour delivery slot to help keep your project on track.

Watch this short video to learn about our process and be fully prepared for your concrete delivery

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